Productions in Umbria



A perfect family - 2012

To feel less alone at Christmas, 50-year-old rich and important Leone decides to rent a company of actors to
let them play the family he never had.

Directed by Paolo Genovese
With: Sergio Castellitto, Claudia Gerini, Marco Giallini, Carolina Crescentini, Eugenia Costantini.

Location: Todi

Benedetta - 2021

Based on the essay by Judith C. Brown Atti impure - Life of a lesbian nun in Renaissance Italy, it is inspired by the life of Benedetta Carlini, a 17th-century nun who after joining an Italian convent begins a love story with another woman.

Directed by Paul Verhoeven
Starring: Virginie Efira, Olivier Rabourdin, Daphne Patakia, Clotilde Courau, Louise Chevillotte.

Location: Bevagna, Perugia

Copperman - 2019

Copperman, aka Anselmo, is a man with great imagination and sensitivity, who travels the world with the innocence of a child and the heart of a lion.

Directed by Eros Puglielli
With: Luca Argentero, Antonia Truppo, Galatea Ranzi, Gianluca Gobbi, Tommaso Ragno

Location: Spoleto

In arte Nino - 2016

An unpublished portrait of Nino Manfredi, one of the most beloved actors of Italian cinema, which tells of the formation of the man and the artist from 1943, when he survived the tragic experience of the sanatori- um, he began his studies at the Academy of Dramatic Art, until on the threshold of success, in 1958, with the participation in Canzonissima.

Directed by Luca Manfredi
With: Elio Germano, Miriam Leone, Stefano Fresi, Giorgio Tirabassi, Leo Gullotta.

Location: Carsulae, Amelia, Narni, Terni, Avigliano Umbro, Spoleto

TV series

Don Matteo - 2001-2021

Don Matteo is a parish priest with an innate talent for investigations. First in Gubbio, then in Spoleto, he collaborates with Marshal Cecchini and the Carabinieri, dealing with the intrigues and suspicions. In addition to the cases to be solved, however, there are the conflicts, loves, and gags of his closest friends: the perpetual Natalina and the friendly Pippo.

Director: Cosimo Alemà, Raffaele Androsiglio, Jan Maria Michelini, Alexis Sweet, Giulio Base, Carmine Elia, Elisabetta Marchetti, Fabrizio Costa
Interpreters: Terence Hill, Nino Frassica, Maria Chiara Giannetta, Flavio Insinna, Simone Montedoro, Nathalie Guettà, Francesco Scali

Location: Spoleto, Gubbio

The Name of The rose - 2019

A Franciscan friar and his young assistant investigate a series of murders in an isolated monastery in Italy. Miniseries.

Directed by Giacomo Battiato
Starring: John Turturro, Rupert Everett, Damian Hardung.

Location: Bevagna, Perugia

Advertising spots

Gucci - 2020

Spot of the new Gucci perfume “Bloom”, made with the stop motion technique. The four women protagonists, charismatic and fascinating, meet and interact in a sequence with a high dream rate, immersed in a surreal garden.

Directed by Floria Sigismondi
Starring: Anjelica Huston, Florence Welch, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Susie Cave

Location: La Scarzuola of Montegabbione (Tr)